Risk Monitoring
Our risk module supports you in measuring the impact of scenarios and automating risk monitoring. This allows you to focus on your core business: Investment Solutions.
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Apprehend + Measure + Monitor = Anticipate
Combining scenario analysis, daily monitoring and reporting provides a 360 ° view of portfolio risk. This combination minimizes the risk of mis-investment and mis-selling.
Risk Scenario
Simulate scenarios to understand, measure and anticipate their impact on funds or portfolios.
Daily risk
Automate the monitoring of portfolio variations and your buylist to effortlessly update your advice.
Regularoty risk
Automatically monitor the adequacy of the risk profile of your clients and their portfolio to ensure regulatory compliance
Visualize risks
Our artificial intelligence helps you visualize and understand the risk of a fund or a portfolio in a scenario never experienced by them. This innovation allows you to overcome the problem of historical data in your analysis.
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